Friday, January 21, 2005

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Writing to you from Siem Reap, an arid place, rusty dust-filled in the midst
of the dry season here in Cambodia. We arrived here 2 days ago, the boy's
loving the place almost as much as I have since my first time here,
and we've just gotten an apartment today for $50/month, thanks to our
Canadian friend. No lease, no deposit, just some American
dollars passed from my fist to the landlady's, and the key in return.
It'll be a nice change from the alligator pool behind our guesthouse
with its denizens that've been keeping us awake at night since we got

This new apartment also got no kitchen, no fridge, and no hot water,
but plenty of room for me to paint (and y''all know it's all about
me). We'll buy a "camping" stove for about $6 tomorrow for coffee and
maybe more, a cooler for beer and cheese, and hot water showers
aren't necessary in this climate.

Now it's time to get some jobs. I've had an art gallery dangling a
position tantalizingly for months now, but we'll see if it
materializes. The boy's looking more into teaching here, because he actually
enjoys doing it. Our canadian friend's setting up the boy and me for a debate in front of his American History class. It should be a great time: an American and a Brit arguing furiously in front of a class for 15 minutes then likely making up over Angkor beer afterwards.


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